Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Indian Western Wedding

The significance of traditional rites is valued in all Indian weddings and the West Indian weddings are no diverse. The West Indian weddings include Gujarati Weddings, Maharashtrian Weddings, and Marwari Weddings. Many ceremonies are caught up in these sorts of weddings and the celebrations start much ahead of the real wedding. Some weddings can be sumptuous while others are simple and it all depends on the families.

Generally the West Indian weddings take place at the rented halls, homely venues and mandaps. The wedding scheduled in Maharashtrian wedding is in the morning or late evening, which is called as the ‘Goraj Muhurt’. At the wedding, the maternal uncles of the bride escort her to the dais.

A partition called ‘antarpat’, which is a piece of cloth, is held amid the bride and the groom, and spiritual hymns are chanted. One thing is common in West Indian weddings; is the farewell to the bride, which is known as ‘bidai’. In Maharashtrian Wedding there is also the post wedding ritual called Laxmi Narayan puja.

Rituals and Customs

The Gujrati kind of West Indian wedding has the ‘Madhuparka’ ritual in which there is the washing of groom’s feet. He is welcomed with a combination of honey and milk. ‘Kanya Daan’ and ‘Hasta Milap’ are the two significant ceremonies in this sort of Indian Wedding kinds. Pheras and Saptapadi are a further two significant ceremony in the wedding ceremony.

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