Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Bangleempoirum Indian Bangle Stand Bracelet Display Rack Holder, Orange.

ndian Bangle Stand Bracelet Display Rack Holder, Orange. This is where you can place a collection of bracelets that you have, akn look neat if your collection neatly packed in this place, even you can easily to find if you’re in a hurry to use it. With a orange color that looks so interesting, you certainly alkane interested to buy it, so do not hesitate to have a place this jewelry because it is very useful for those of you who like to collect a bracelet. Even if you put a lot of bands here, do not worry will collapse, because this material is strong enough to be given a lot of bracelets. This is a larger eight stick wooden stand. It contains three sticks on each side and two in the middle for a total of eight sticks. Recommended for consumers with a good collection of bangles. Holds upto 80 dozen plain bangles. Center two sticks may hold fancy or extra large bangles. Looks very beautiful on your dresser or in your china cabinet. Its a must have item. It also comes in Baby Pink, Orange, Hot Pink and baby blue.

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