Monday, August 29, 2011

How To Apply Mehndi On Hands

r henna all is a samenames of one mehndi which is use to apply on hands feet and arms on many traditional or cultural occasion of our life .Henna is use to get from leaves which is grind and get change in to powder form then this powder is get into paste form by mixing with water and rose water.

The color of mehndi can be pale or dark orange in color gets darker within 24 hours to 72 hours due to rust process. And the final color gets reddish brown. You can get some easy home ways tips to make your color more dark while applying Oil on mehndi when it gets dry or While spraying Water with spray pump that your mehndi get wet again. These ways will really help you to get beautiful color of mehndi design.

The mehndi or henna is applied with many ways in which one way is to apply with plastic cone. In some occasions or some tradition the metal tipped bottle is use to apply mehndi on hands. So you may als

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