Friday, July 8, 2011

New York Fashion Week Kicks Off Annual Gathering of Top Clothes Designers

ork fashion week has kicked off in customary high style as top clothing and dress designers from around the world gather to review and show off their latest creations of must-have clothing and designs.

The launch of the annual fashion show was supported by a host of well-known figures from the world of fashion, such as Natasha Bedingfield and Camila Alves, who took to the runway in red dresses by leading designers to raise publicity for heart disease. The Heart Truth Red Dress collection show marked the official opening of New York fashion week.

The competition among top designers to get their clothes and accessories featured on the fashion show's catwalks is fierce, but can be commercially lucrative as the featured clothing designs often filter down to the sales floors of mass market fashion outlets and retail malls around the world.

The fashion show got underway as a new industry report, entitled "Clothing and Footwear Specialist Retailers - USA - Market Report", notes that the sector still faces difficulties as a result of consumers' shifting shopping behaviour and a tightening of purse strings following the recent economic downturn.

The report observes that the clothing and footwear sector in the US is highly saturated and competitive, and therefore retailers continue to try to differentiate through innovative designs, fashion conscious merchandise and exclusive designer offerings.

The analysis offers key insights into developing trends and developments driving the industry. It also examines all retail channels such as hypermarkets, supermarkets, discounters, mixed retailers, health and beauty retailers, clothing and footwear retailers, and leisure and personal goods retailers among others.

The report provides a detailed overview of the US market and pinpoints the main growth sectors, as well as assessing the competitive environment among other insights and observations.

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