Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Indian Bangles Designer Bridal Churra

Chura is special type of bangles which are worn by a bride at the time of her marriage. It's actually the accessory which symbolizes of a girl getting married or being newly married. We offer the best wedding chura which is made up of the best quality plastic or elephant's tusk. We offer our wedding bridal churain maroon, white and red colors. We also offer Punjabi wedding chura and that too at the most affordable price. We are one of the well known wedding chura manufacturers and exporters from India .accessories for this matching bangle on request. Much Attra,ctive priceA,vailable Sizes in

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  1. Wedding is like a charm for every girl I think..! The sensation of wedding makes you happy, the makeover and accessories are hot craze for every girl. Specially wearing Chura is on top demand.With the initial thought of wedding in specially in North Indian tradition Chura is first accessory which comes in mind with your wedding dress selection. These special Designer Banglesa specially designed for the lovely brides. The color of these bangles makes you more energetic with the bright feeling of coming future days. With the lots of blessings of your near and near once when you are going to wear the “ chura “ the feelings of apartness touch your heart surely. The first feeling of getting married and going to leave your parents home come along with this ceremony. After wedding Chura maintain the fragrance of newly bride for long time.