Tuesday, May 31, 2011

tans and teeth whitening a week before the wedding

too many brides rush out and get facials, tans and teeth whitening a week before the wedding. Skin erupts, gums flare up, and tans can peel off like wallpaper the morning of the nuptials. Stick with your regular skincare, eat well, exercise, have lots of water and sleep, and less caffeine.any makeup artist who tells you your face will last the whole day of your big party with NO touch-ups is selling a dream. You will need blotting papers or powder to control face shine before photos, lipstick to reapply and maybe sealer to prep for all those celebration kisses, a little liner or eye shadow to refresh after tears, and always waterproof mascara.many people take pictures out of magazines and request a look that doesn’t suit them or is too sultry for their Victorian theme (the smokey eye and the pale JLo lip are common requests.) Match your look to the feel of the event and to suit your face.
 Over-dew! — I haven’t met a bride who didn’t want a “dewey” shining cheek. The challenge is that it can look greasy in photos. Stick with a little highlighting on cheekbones or eyes, but not whole face.

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