Saturday, May 14, 2011

Native American inspired patterns. The one on the left is a God's Eye

Native American inspired patterns. The one on the left is a God's Eye. These were created for a model who Hand design henna patterns for an SCA Gypsy at Valentine's Day. These are somewhat in the indo-arabic style, but definitely with my own spin on it. Check out the solid fingertips, per the client's request. The flowers underneath the bold sections help keep the fingeOne of many versions of the ever-popular swirly vines with dots. Great for doing very quick, very full looking henna designs. These simple mehndi patterns are also nice on the leg, arm, wrist, ankle, graceful.wanted to honor his roots.Hand designs featuring Om andLotus flowers, traditional Indian motifs. These are simple, quick designs created for a local musician who is in love with all things Indiantraditional not girly masculine bridal henna design navneet mehndi free pattern mehandi stripes palms meet center design     Simple mirrored paisley design, inspired by a couple who wanted matching mehndi. Honestly their matching henna was a bit less girly than this, as it had to be suitable for both the bride and groom. But this pattern is a bit more elaborate than what A traditionally inspired design with bold, simple circular shapes for a basis and lots of vines, swirls, and lines as fill:hey decided to both get: henna for the best results,     Simple hand and fo,ot flower designs,, per client reque,st. I like the way the vines flow from o,ne foot to a,nother here. ide b,and wrist and a,nkle cuff design, with lotus flower, and Indian fill motifs:

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