Thursday, September 1, 2011

Advantages Mehndi

known for gracing the occasions of celebrations and festivals in the Indian subcontinent. Mehndi is an ancient herb that is popular for grace and healing. Mehndi provides cooling and astringent action when applied on the skin. In addition it also protect against protection against several surface bacteria and fungi.

Apart from its well known uses this auspicious herb is also beneficial for boosting the hair growth, making them shiner, makes hair black as well as lively. In short it is complete remedy for all the problems of hairs ranging from dandruff to the hair growth.

Mehndi is also useful because of it’s therapeutic as well as calming effect, it detoxifying and aids restful sleep. It reduces temperature, cools scalp, skin and soothes headaches, aches, and many other kinds of pain. The medicinal value of mehndi is well known from the ancient times, since then it is known for fighting the infection

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